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HIROIA Jimmy Drip and Espresso Scale

HIROIA Jimmy Drip and Espresso Scale

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The Hiroia Jimmy Scale is the perfect scale for both your manual pour over and espresso use. This scale is equipped with different pour over and espresso modes to give you the most control and spec tracking by allowing you to record both extraction time and weight. The magnetic and removable touch display can also be conveniently placed for better visibility while the Bluetooth connectivity delivers fast, accurate readings.

Why You Should Get It

The real magic of the Hiroia “Jimmy” Drip and Espresso scale is unlocked within the app, which is at its core is a journal that keeps track of how you use the scale and your specifications.

With the companion app, you can practice water flow rate for pour overs, switch espresso brewing modes, and even use it as a training program. The scale, magnetic screen, and app all communicate with bluetooth for optimal flexibility while brewing.

The “Jimmy” scale with removable screen and companion app is a flexible product, adapting to your needs and preferences. If you are someone who enjoys the numbers aspect of espresso brewing, this will make a great addition to your setup.

Weighing Range: 0~2,000g
Dimension of scale: 120x120x19mm
Dimension of control bar: 120x25x25mm
Battery Life: 10-15 hours
Standby Time: 1,000 hours
Recommended Charger: 5V/1A

Stainless steel, PC, ABS, Rubber
Made in China


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