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The F64 E grinder features a powerful 500-watt motor and 64mm flat burrs, which can grind up to 2.5 grams of coffee per second. It has stepless micrometric adjustment, allowing for precise and consistent grind size adjustments to suit any coffee brewing method. The digital display and controls make it easy to program and adjust the grinder settings, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every shot.

One of the standout features of the F64 E grinder is its ergonomic design. The hopper and portafilter holder are positioned at an angle for easy access, reducing strain on the barista's wrists and hands during use. The grinder also has a large, clear hopper that can hold up to 1.5 kilograms of coffee beans, reducing the need for frequent refills and improving workflow.

The F64 E grinder is also designed with durability in mind. The burrs are made of hardened steel, and the body is constructed of durable materials that can withstand heavy use in a commercial setting. The grinder also features a cooling system that prevents overheating, ensuring consistent performance over time.

In addition to its performance and durability, the F64 E grinder is also designed with aesthetics in mind. It has a sleek, modern look that fits seamlessly into any cafe or restaurant setting. It also comes in a variety of colors and finishes to match any decor.


  • Ring nut micrometric grinding adjustment: continuous
  • Varnishing: standard
  • Fork: adjustable, with support
  • Doses adjustment: in seconds
  • Power: 350 watt
  • Blades type: flat
  • Blades diameter: Ø 64 mm
  • Blades revs: 1350/min (50 Hz) – 1550/min (60 Hz)
  • Coffee bean hopper capacity: 1,5 kg
  • Net weight: 13 kg
  • Dimensions: 230x615x270 mm

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