Introducing Macap: Elevating the Coffee Experience with K-hubs

Introducing Macap: Elevating the Coffee Experience with K-hubs

In the vibrant and ever-evolving world of coffee, one brand has consistently been synonymous with excellence and innovation: Macap. With a storied history spanning over nine decades, Macap has solidified its position as a leading manufacturer of top-quality coffee grinders and equipment. Today, we are thrilled to announce that K-hubs is now proud to offer Macap products, bringing their exceptional craftsmanship and unrivaled precision to coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike.

K-Hubs Macap

Macap, derived from Macina Caffè Petiziol, emerged in the late '80s, building upon the foundation laid by founder Ottorino Petiziol. With a mechanical workshop established in the Venetian hinterland in 1930, the business initially focused on producing coffee grinders and bar equipment. The company quickly expanded its offerings with a small foundry to meet the growing demand for their products. Notably, Macap introduced the first horizontal dispenser, a groundbreaking invention that paved the way for further advancements in the coffee industry.

Through the visionary leadership of the Petiziol family's second and third generations, Macap has continued to flourish. Luigi and Antonio Petiziol, the brothers who took the reins from their father, nurtured and developed the brand's technical expertise, elevating Macap's products to new heights. Today, Susanna and Marco Petiziol, the grandchildren of the founder, steer the company with a unique blend of specialization and industrialization, ensuring a relentless pursuit of quality and innovation.

Macap's commitment to excellence extends beyond its Italian roots. As the coffee industry experiences rapid growth and evolving trends, Macap has established a global presence, serving more than 70 countries worldwide. Their diverse product range encompasses traditional coffee grinders, instant grinders (a distinction that sets them apart as the first Italian company to offer such a comprehensive selection), and patented dynamometric tampers—a testament to Macap's continuous drive for innovation.

Now, through our partnership with Macap, K-hubs is thrilled to bring their exceptional products directly to you. We share Macap's passion for the artistry and precision that goes into every cup of coffee. With their range of coffee grinders and equipment, you can elevate your brewing experience, unlocking the full potential of your beans and achieving unparalleled consistency and flavor.

We invite you to explore their exceptional range of coffee grinders and equipment, available now at K-hubs. Together, we aim to redefine what is possible in the world of coffee, one cup at a time.

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